The Power of Information

Informed choices require information.  Knowing what’s going on requires information.  Determining whether or not you agree with decisions being made or actions being taken on your behalf requires information. 

Information is not always easy to come by.  Sometimes that’s because the system and its processes are inscrutable; other times it’s because those with the information would prefer to keep it to themselves. 

I have spent the last two years providing in-depth information on the workings of Town Meeting and the Select Board.  I have gone beyond the “who” and the “what” and delved into the “why” and the “how.”  I have chronicled complex issues and discussions, presented vote results and voting histories, explained my opinions and reasoning on it all, and put a vast swath of Amherst Town government “on the record.”

I am committed to the belief that good government requires transparency, accountability and accessibility, and I have worked hard to provide all three.  I believe that I can do more, and that being on the Select Board would let me provide an unprecedented level of detail and explanation about how Amherst Town Government works for all of us. 

If I am elected to the Select Board, you will know the reasons behind my actions and my votes; you will know how the Select Board functions – even when it’s not on TV; you will know its place and interactions within the larger sphere of Town government; and you will know how that affects you.

If knowing is important to you, I hope you will vote for me on April 1st.