In the home stretch

Some random thoughts and information bits, with a few days to go:

Suitable for framing:  How about this week’s Bulletin??  I am proud and grateful to receive the paper’s endorsement and the Amherst Center endorsement. 

Information overload:  Check out the Select Board candidate answers to school-related questions on the ACE site and the very different responses each of us gave to a questionnaire from Amherst Taxpayers for Responsible Change. 

Info overload, part II:  ACTV is rebroadcasting the Chamber of Commerce breakfast forum, the League of Women Voters’ Candidates’ Night forum, the Bangs Center candidates’ forum, and all the candidate interviews on Isaac Ben Ezra’s show, Conversations, multiple times between now and the election.   Different shows are on different channels, so check all the schedules to find the ones that interest you the most. 

And yet:  Despite all this practice at all these venues, I don’t think I’ve nailed my “opening statement” yet.  Read it?  Memorize it?  Wing it?  Flub it.

Photo op:  Have you noticed the new photo quiz on the site?  It takes 20 of the pictures from the photo banner at the top of the page and tests your knowledge of their locations.  Kinda fun.  Kinda humbling.  Give it a shot.

First place:  Don’t know how I’ll place in the balloting, but I do have first place on the ballot.  Can’t hurt, might help. 

Coffee break:  If you haven’t met me yet, and you haven’t learned more than you could ever want to know from ACTV, etc., I’ll be at Black Sheep again on Monday morning from 7:30 to 10:00.  Stop by, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s talk. 

Info overload, part III:  Whole lotta’ links to election info and relevant web sites at Election Central on 

Still weird:  It’s a very odd feeling to drive down a street and see signs with your name on them.  It will be even weirder when that O'Keeffe blimp starts hovering overhead on Election Day.  (Kidding!) 

April Fools Day:  Tuesday is Election Day.  What could be more appropriate?  Don’t forget to vote, and please remind all your friends.  Unless they aren’t voting for me, in which case it’s OK if they forget. 

Many thanks:  If you’re on this site, and you’re reading this, it means you’re paying a lot of attention to this election.  Thank you!  We are all better served by more of us knowing and caring about what’s going on, and about whom we elect to represent us.  Whatever choices you make on Tuesday, I thank you for being part of the process.

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